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Personal Care




Live in Carer

£840.00 / Week

Night Carer




of 8 Hours

 Companionship/Sitting service




Unsocial Hours







Public & Bank Holidays will be charged at time-and- a-half and Christmas Day at double time.

Private Pricing

Personal care, meal preparation, medication prompt and companionship £30 per hr

If it’s more than three hrs we charge £25 per hr.


Cleaning Services

Cleaning is £12.50 per hr and minimum of 3 hrs  

Our prices are transparent and fair. Additional charges applies for unsociable hours with no additional
cost payable for travelling or caring for high dependent clients and you only pay for care service received.


Our pricing is negotiable.

Terms & Conditions:

24 hours’ notice is required by clients to terminate the service. We also appreciate 24 hours’ notice of
any necessary changes, but sometimes this is not always probable. If notice of any change is received too
late to stop the carer, the visit will be chargeable. In the extremely unlikely occasion that we need to end
the service, we will give a 30 day notice whenever possible.We aim to deliver the highest quality of service

as set out by the Care Quality Commission and exceed the standard.

Fees are chargeable for services provided in accordance with our current Price Guide. Prices are subject
to review from time-to- time and a 7 days’ notice will be issued to you prior to the time. In exceptional

circumstances, if you are not satisfied with any part of our service for any reason, for as long as you advise us within 24 hours, you will not be charged for that part.

It is prohibited for Staff to accept any direct offers of employment from clients. In situation whereby a
client directly employ a current carer, or one who has left in the last six months, a fee of £1,000 is payable from the client to TranslucenceCare within seven days of invoice and any outstanding balance may be
subject to additional interest.

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